Registration is OPEN!!

The dates and the place for SOS 2017 are clear. The place is old familiar Kisakeskus and the time is 12th to 18th of February 2017 (Sunday to Saturday).

Lot of things are still brewing, we have our Intensives clear, but some classes are still on their way. But no worries, they will be Great. + We have one day of Jamming!

The price of the festival this time will be 360€. With the price, you will get:

  • Daily jams, both open and with specific focuses
  • Three intensives and separate daily classes to choose from plus additional activities. More details in Classes and Teachers page
  • Sauna (three evenings)
  • Sleeping in 2-4 person rooms with proper beds (linen included)
  • Good food, mainly vegetarian, also fish and meat
  • Possibility for winter outdoor activities such as cross country skiing (depending weather conditions), outdoor swimming, wondering around in the wintery woods


We are a diverse, living and changing group of friends who want to dance contact improvisation. We are willing to try out new things and support different ways of seeing the form. We feel strongly as a group and trust in each other, even though many of us are spread around the World. We are aging together (getting 40 years or over) – and becoming a bit wiser, calmer and patient with it. Yet we are still going strong, keeping ourselves juicy by dancing, yoga, seducing, reducing, studying, teaching and by other secret potions, such as simply experiencing life. Some of us dance like animals, others sit passionately in circles and some prefer to boogie in other ways. Feeling nourished in our hearts, without financial benefit, we come together once a year to create the framework for this magnificent festival for YOU to experience with us!

Skiing on Skin is a festival in the middle of winter, in the middle of nowhere. This creates different possibilities to enjoy the local nature at its most unique. You may bath in the lake or ski, not only on skin but in the woods as well! The warmth of human contact combined with the Nordic solitude and simplicity creates the special character of the festival. So welcome to the wintery, (hopefully!) snowy Finland, and to the community known for its gentle men and strong women!

Let’s start from there: a touch, a roll, a contact. Falling gently, flying up… skiing on skin.

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