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Mark you calendars.
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SOS has a special flavour as a CI festival. It’s a community organised festival created for the last ten years by around 15-20 organisers who give their time and energy for free.

Thinking of entering a new decade of SOS, we have been re-imagining how we as organisers can participate differently and therefore invite those who come to participate differently too.

After reflecting on what we as a community and as individuals have to offer and how best to offer it. We realised that old more-conventional CI festival structure wasn’t working for us anymore, so we decided to offer a different kind of SOS. One that we hope can serve us all better.

So there will be no intensives and we are letting go of the fitting everything else into a uniform single class structure. Instead we will offer a heterogeneous mix of single classes, multi-class workshops, research labs, lectures, discussions and other activities together with jams.

And you will be free to join activities throughout the week as you choose (so long as there is space!)

To help you navigate your way through the multiplicity of offers, we offer instead pathways through the festival. Like on a nature trail we will colour-code the offers according to different themes. You are free to follow a suggested path, switch paths, or create your pathway through the week.

The themes are:

  • Contact skills
  • Consciousness/Awareness
  • Anatomy
  • Improvisation
  • In the world

We hope that this new format will allow us as organisers offer what we are most passionate about and present it in the way that supports us best.

We hope also that you as a participant, whether you choose to stick to a suggested path or follow your own, will find the experience nourishing and challenging.

We hope your only complaint when you leave was that you couldn’t do everything. But there’s always next year …

The price this year ??? euros.
With the price you get

  • Daily jams, both open and with specific focuses
  • pathways to chose from as separate daily classes plus additional activities. More details in Classes and Teachers page
  • Sauna (three evenings)
  • Sleeping in 2-4 person rooms with proper beds (linen included)
  • Good food, mainly vegetarian, also fish and meat
  • Possibility for winter outdoor activities such as cross country skiing (depending weather conditions), outdoor swimming, wondering around in the wintery woods

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