Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some question about the festival then please have a look through the list below before emailing us – there’s a good chance that you’ll find what you are looking for here.

The list is divided into three sections –

Are there any discounts/reduced prices? any possibilities for work exchange?
No. This is a community organised festival and none of the organisers/teachers expect to be paid. It’s a labour of love. We are many and share the work so nobody has to work too hard. One of the reasons we do it this way is so that we can all enjoy the amazing facilities that Kisakeskus has to offer at the mimimum cost to all. The food and cleaning is done by Kisakeskus staff.

Can I come for only part of the festival and pay less?
No. Sorry but there’s only one price.

Can I get a reduced price if I bring my own sleeping bag and sleep on a mat on the floor of the studio?
No. Because you can’t.

I live close to Kisakeskus and I’d like to sleep at home. Is it still possible to participate?

Can you give me an invitation to help with getting a visa?
please fill in this form and we’ll send you an invitation

Do I need to chose an intensive before the festival?
Yes, when you register you will be asked which intensive you’d like to do. You also need to give a second choice in case your first choice is full. During the festival you can only attend the intensive that you are allocated. You will be told which one you are in after registration.

Do I need to chose which classes I’ll do before the festival?
No. You can choose anytime right up until the class begins. If too many people turn up to one class then the teacher may direct you to choose another class. To be absolutely sure to get into the class you want then arrive a few minutes early.

I organise a festival. If I let you come to mine for free then can I come to yours for free?
No. This is a community organised festival. It seems that there around 15 people organising/teaching each year and people are moving in and out of that group. We feel it’s much simpler to keep it clear that you pay to come to our festival and we pay to come to yours. Or else you could end up with 20 people asking for a free place at yours!!!

I’m thinking of coming with my family – what do you think?
Nice idea. Price for children from 5-11 years old (food and accomodation only) is 140€ – 4 years old and under are free. There are no specially organised activities but there are many spaces and opportunities for indoor and outdoor play.

Where is Kisakeskus sports institute and how do I get there?
See these pages here

My flight was late and I missed the bus connection from Raasepori (Karjaa) to Kisakeskus
You can take a taxi. This will cost around €30-35. To order a taxi, call 019 1069 1169.

I need/can offer somewhere to stay just before/after the festival – can you help ?
Check out the SOS facebook page. Make your offers and requests there. As individuals we are happy to help where we can, and many local participants will also help, but the SOS facebook page is the place for this. We don’t want accommodation emails coming to the festival organisation team – we have enough to do as it is. (NOTE. For a long time we kept forum here on the webpages, but really, no one really used it. Eventhough some of us are totally anti FB, maybe it will serve as a tool for this)

I need somewhere to stay just before/after the festival – do you know of any cheap hostels/hotels?
Have a look here

How can I offer/find a lift by car directly to/from the festival?
Use the SOS facebook page.

I’ve not danced much/any contact improvisation before? can I come?
Yes, there will be classes and an intensive suitable for beginners. A festival can be a great place to begin dancing ci – classes and there will there be lots of people to dance with in jams and it’s also a great opportunity to learn by watching.

Do I need to do everything that’s on the schedule?
No. Take time to rest. If you did everything then you’d probably be exhausted by the end. We hope you leave feeling refreshed and enlivened.

I am vegetarian/vegan/other special dietary needs – who should i tell and what can i eat?
There is a space on the registration form to let us know any special food requirements. If you missed this then please email registration.

Is there internet available? Can I check my email?
There is a wireless internet connection available in some buildings but there no computers available to us. If you know that you will need to access the internet then please bring your own laptop. If you don’t then maybe you get lucky and someone lends you their laptop to check your email.

Are there any shops nearby?
There are no shops, but just a small kiosk selling chocolate. beer etc. Please bring with you all that you might need during the week – there is no public transport available to a shop/town!

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag/bedding?
No, all the bedding and one towel are provided by Kisakeskus! But maybe you want to bring an extra towel for the sauna.

What languages are you using?
Our working language is english – we will share many languages among us so some translation can be improvised

What will the weather be like? What should I bring to wear?
The festival occurs in what traditionally is mid-winter. There should be a thick layer of snow and temperatures typically between minus 5 to 15. But in these days of global warming it’s not so certain. Last year it was mild and wet with only a sprinkling of snow on the last day. If we do get a typical Finnish winter then don’t be put off by the low temperatures – the air is dry which means the cold doesn’t sink into your bones – the indoor spaces are warm and there’s sauna.