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Getting to the festival

The festival takes place at Karjaan Kisakeskus which is in the countryside near Fiskars, Raasepori, midway between Helsinki and Turku. In other words, in the middle of nowhere.

The nearest town with a railway station is Karjaa. There are no public buses from Karjaa to Karjaan Kisakeskus so we will rent two buses from Karjaa railway station to Kisakeskus for the price of €5 direction. You need to have cash to pay this!

Pick-up times are organized to meet train schedules from Helsinki and Turku. Probably in 2019, the first bus leaves after 12:31 and the second after 15:31 from Karjaa railway station. (so to catch the first bus, take the train at 11:37 from Helsinki or bus 10:20 from Turku, and for the second bus 14:37 from Helsinki or 14:25 from Turku). Reserve your place in the bus to make sure you have one! Send an email to : busses {at} contactfestival {dot} fi and tell which buss you will take. There is a cafe at Karjaa railway station if you have to wait a while.

If you are coming later, or for some reason cannot catch the bus, you can take a taxi. This will cost around 30-35 €. To order a taxi, call 019 1069 1169.

If you are lost and desperate, you can call +358-45-6796818.

NOTE: If you need a place to stay when you arrive in Finland, or after the festival before you leave, then please visit the SOS facebook page– there’s also a list of cheap accommodation on the FAQ page

Below you’ll find info on how to get to Karjaa from Helsinki, Turku, Tampere. There are also directions for getting to Karjaan Kisakeskus by car.


From Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to the Helsinki railway station

There is a train connection from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Helsinki City centre. I and P trains will take you in about 30 min to the city centre and they circulate every 10-20 minutes. The journey costs 5.50 € and tickets can be bought from a machine (or by mobile app). If you are going directly to Karjaa, you can buy the ticket directly there and change the train in Pasila, on stop before the main railway station.

There is also the Finnair City Bus which takes about 30 minutes and costs €6.90 – runs every 20mins – tickets from the driver – timetable is here.

By ferry to Helsinki

From Germany, you can take a ferry from Travemünde to Helsinki with Finnline.

From Stockholm to Helsinki there are ferries with Tallink Silja and Viking Line.

From Tallinn many daily ferries with TallinkEkeröline and Viking Line, for example.

From Helsinki railway station to Karjaa railway station

From the central railway station you need to get a train to Karjaa –

You can check train times and prices here– it’s about 12 €.

NOTE: there are no reduced prices for non-finnish students on the finnish transport system.


FromTurku Airport to Turku railway station

Bus number 1 departs from airport every 20 min. Change for railway station at Kauppatori in town centre. Single adult fare €3,00 €. Timetable can be downloaded here, info of public transport in Turku.

By Ferry to Turku

There are two companies offering ferries from Stockholm to Turku –Tallink Silja and Viking Line.

From Turku to Karjaa railway station


You can check train times and prices here– it is better to buy ticket at the station – you can buy a ticket also on the train but it costs a little more. Bought from the station all the trains cost 15 .

NOTE: there are no reduced prices for non-finnish students on the finnish transport system.


FromTampere-Pirkkala Aiport to Karjaa

You can find cheap flights to Tampere Airport – however you’ll need to pass through Helsinki or through Turku to get to Karjaa.

From the airport you can take a bus to railway station (Info) and then get a train from there – through Turku directly to Karjaa – or to Helsinki – train schedules and prices here– better to buy ticket from station – you can buy a ticket also on the train but it costs a little more.

Or continue until Tampere main bus station and then take a bus to Helsinki or to Turku (Check busses here).

NOTE: there are no reduced prices for non-Finnish students on the Finnish transport system


You can get driving instructions on the net at google maps– type in
“Kullaanniemi 230, 10420 Pohja, Finland”

From Helsinki:

  • Take road number 51 to Hanko Direction 75 km to Karjaa and
    turn right (sign: Pohja) to road number 1018.

  • Drive ~0.5 km and turn right (road number 111, Karjaantie)

  • Drive 2.2 km, and take a turn right (road number 111)

  • Drive 8.7 km and turn right (there should be a sign “Kisakeskus”, road name Ramskullankuja.)

  • Drive 11 km and you’re there.

NOTE: it’s not uncommon to see animals during the dark hours and the roads can be slippery so drive safely!

If you are driving and have spaces in your car that you would like to offer then please visit the SOS facebook page and make your offer there