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Terms and conditions

  • Organization has the right to make changes in the program.
  • Your registration will be valid only after paid deposit of 140€ or the whole amount of 380€
  • We ask you to pay the deposit as soon as possible, but at least within two weeks from registration. If your deposit is not payed, we will give your place onwards
  • If you cancel before January 10th, we will return 50% of the payment. If you cancel after it, we don't return the money.
  • The participation is at your own risk - the organizers and the teachers of the festival are not liable for any damages or injuries.

IMPORTANT: If you Don't get confirmation letter in 48 hours. Please check your junk/spam mail folder.

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This year we have only ONE intensive, Ville's. If you choose to take the Intensive, please commit to it for the whole time.

YES I want to take part of the intensive, I commit!


We have some cabins for four people, in order to be in the cabin, please tell us who are the 4 people you want to share with. Other rooms are also mainly for 4 people, if you have preferences, please tell us. Oh yes and we know that it kinda sucks to give only binary gender possibilities, but it seems that most of people still function with this. So, you're welcome to tell us if this should be something completely else.
(please notice that names do not always tell the gender, so please don't joke with this)

Because people are sometimes having very different rhythms of sleep/wake cycle. We try to put people with the same cycle to same rooms... we try...
So, please select:

I would like to sleep in a cabin: Yes
(really, the most certain way to get yourself into the cabin is to have clear group of four. When placing people into cabins, clear groups of four go always first (unless they are VERY late on registration).

If possible I would like to share the room with:

NOTE: If you need accommodation just before or after the festival then check out our Facebook page for people making offers - it is not possible to arrive early or stay longer at Kisakeskus

Preferred food

Allergies or special diets:


You will get the bank details on the confirmation letter.

If you need an invitation for Visa, please fill up the form here

Anything else you want to bring into our attention?

We are sending an email list before the beginning of the festival to help people co-ordinate rides etc. Please let us know do you want to be included or not.

Permitting Photo Release

Please indicate whether you give permission to Helsingin kontakti-improvisaatio ry to use and publish images and video material showing your image (but not naming you personally) that will be taken during the event.

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Your personal information (first name, last name, email address, etc) received through the registration and contact forms will be collected by the Helsingin kontakti-improvisaatio ry , and used by the same to inform you about the practicalities and program of the Skiing On Skin 2019 week, and about other SOS news and events that we think might be of interest to you.

Please note, if you do NOT give your consent to the data disclosure, we cannot, by EU law, send you any information even about the event you just registered in.

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