The place

The festival will take place in beautiful, close-to-nature surroundings at Kisakeskus sports institute. Kisakeskus is located a few kilometers outside of Raasepori (part of this is known as Karjaa until the end of 2008), a small town about 100 kilometers from Helsinki. It is easy and cheap to reach by train, bus or car.

About how to get there easiest, please click here

Dancing Spaces

We have dance spaces in two buildings. The big gym hall can be divided into three sections and has a nice wooden floor and wooden walls (see below).

These spaces are mainly for classes during the day.

The other studio is a bit smaller with a very nice mixture of wood and metal. This is the main jam space, but some classes and other activities also take place here. THe old floor was wood, but during the years it started to wear out and became dangerous. Last year we already had a new floor, not wood, but very nice to dance in nevertheless.

Next to the jam space, there is room for “after ski”, evening snacks and so on.

Dining room

The dining room (see above) is in the same building as the jam space. Food is served by the Kisakeskus catering personnel.

Sleeping spaces

Most of the sleeping places are in houses with 4 people rooms. there is few double rooms and even few single rooms. unfortenutaly we cannot fullfill everyones wishes, but we will try our best.
All of the buildings are close to each others, so there will never be a long way to dance or to eat

The cabins are handed out first come first serve basis. If you don’t get one, don’t worry. We don’t have much time to hang out in cabins and rooms anyway. The cabins are located close (about 300 meters) to all the other buildings. They are on the top of a hill and most of them offer a beautiful view to the lake.


There will be a hot Finnish Sauna three evenings during the week. Sauna is next to the lake, which is probably on ice, but no worries, we have hole in the ice se you can go swimming anyway.

In addition, there is a skiing track around Kisakeskus (skis can be rented), forests for walking and and a small hill for sledding